Ok this is not opponent friendly list and strangely nor competitive one but more like a painting project connected with my Bretonnia Mousillon black&yellow army from WFB and since Bretonnia had been left without an army book for more than 10 years now Imperial Fists feel like obvious choice to start when it comes to “good guys” side army. I will use this army for Escalation League at Overlords Club.

I will try to collect and paint all units listed here doing my best until the end of 2014. To achieve this I had to reduce number of models to minimum. So here is my Imperial Fists Sentinels of Terra army list:


5 Space Marines with plasma gun

5 Scouts with bolters

Land Speeder Storm

Land Raider Redeemer

For my very first unit of Space Marines I used parts from Sternguard box, pretty awesome kit! Let me introduce to you Librarian Markus of 5th Company and his unit commanded by Sergeant Gastos Rhor:

Imperial Fists

Imperial Fists


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