I`ve seen Fury with Brad Pitt last week and just can`t resist. My Imperial Fists army will be build on the tank story.

Imperial FistsSome big contingent of 5th Company was ambushed at hostile Ork territory and had sustained heavy losses, all communication has broken down. Only survivors are the remnants of 1st Tactical Squad and Librarian Markus. Preparing themselves for the glorious last stand against unending tide of greenskins and defending holy vehicle when guns ran dry and all hope is to be lost. In the very last moment they see patrolling Land Speeder, sent from base to look for survivors of the orkish ambush. Sergeant Rosario of the 2nd Scout Unit delivers hellish bolter salvo and make Orks running away. This is where the story begins…

I was always building my armies on some story and this time couldn`t be different. I think Fury story fits my army very well, I really can`t see other explanation to have small 500pts army where you got Land Raider and scouts squad with Land Speeder. Idea of battle hardened veterans being rescued by theirs younger brethrens is flavour rich and opens many possibilities for future army building. Next chapter for my story is laborious come back to the Imperial Fists base through hostile land hopefully rescuing more survivors and forming bigger party. Transforming 5th Company survivors from prey to hunters.


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