So it goes on.


It is 4 weeks now since I`ve decided to go for Imperial Fists and leave Noise Marines deep in my warhammer hobby box. So far so good: no random eBay purchases, no wild out-of-plan minis bought in the store, keeping my plan and not buying any single thing until everything be painted- works, still at least 😉

New army colour means palette update, so I had to get some of those. As they say Yellow is the new purple:

how to paint imperial fists

 Reading all those funny posts how difficult is to paint yellow I just had to try do it. And some incredible thing happened: it is easier than painting any other colour I did and certainly it is easier than any dark one. As long as you cover your minis with white spray, painting yellow IS easy. First what you have to do is just to spray white and paint Yriel Yellow with milk consistency. Then we go with Casanova Yellow shade and a little bit of Agrax Earthshade into recesses. Minis look like shit at this stage:

how to paint imperial fists

After that it is good to go for one beer and prepare yourself for boring recovering all dirty areas with Yriel Yellow and then lightning it with Flash Gits Yellow. At this stage I usually use Lamenters Yellow Glaze to blend darker and lighter areas together.

how to paint imperial fists

At the very end I do all edges with mix of white and yellow up to only white.

imperial fists3-193252

I am going to focus on bolters for those guys. After all if you get Bolter Drill chapter tactics it means that our yellow space marines do care about weapons of war more than other chapters and need extreme care be taken to paint them individually. For the time being it is only Boltgun Metal and Mithrill Silver.


4 thoughts on “Painting Imperial Fists vol.1: Yellow armour

  1. They are looking fantastic, man! I have to ask, your marine with the plasma gun- what kit does that come from? I’ve been looking for a piece like that for a while now and can’t seem to find it. Cheers!


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