After 10 games with my army it is time to decide on the whole army I would like to build. Luckily I had quite various armies to play against and now I know strengths and weaknesses of my current army build.

dsc_0482__sized_lYes, you are seeing it right: Land Speeder Storm fully loaded with scouts and some fancy hull mounted weapons. But let`s start from the beginning.



Epistolary Librarian with force sword and combi-grav.


5 Assault Terminators with Thunderhammers and Storm Shields in Land Raider with Multi-Melta and Storm Bolter.

5 Terminators with Assault Cannon


5 Scouts with bolters in Land Speeder Storm with Multi-Melta

5 Scouts with bolters in Land Speeder Storm with Multi-Melta

5 Scouts with bolters in Land Speeder Storm with Multi-Melta

5 Scouts with bolters in Land Speeder Storm with Multi-Melta


Land Speeder with Multi-Melta and Typhoon Missile Launcher



3 Centurions w Grav Cannons and Omniscope

Thunderfire Cannon

How the list suppose to work? Let`s cover main issues here: infantry blobs, elite infantry, light vehicles, tanks and flyers. Scouts deal with light infantry blobs or AV10 vehicles. Due to Sentinels of Terra close range bolter drill I think they will succeed. Land Speeders deep strike and hunt for some vehicles back armour and because they are fast, can jink and there is 5 of them this will be very fun 😉 Lysander with his Hammerers go hunt in Land Raider 12″ from the very first turn. Some hidden Havoks or other infantry heavy support will be dealt with deep striking Terminators with assault cannon and storm bolters. Stalker and Centurions (!) against flyers.

But got no idea what to do with Librarian. He is so lonely now… Probably will go with Centurions and hopefully buff them with Invisibility or Endurance 🙂

What do you think? Is it good concept?


3 thoughts on “Imperial Fists Land Speeder Storm 2000pts list

  1. I would either put the librarian with the cents or swap him for a chaplain with combo-flamer. Put him with a termie unit for assaults. The combo flamer makes opponents think twice before assaulting into wall of death


  2. Yep, I already made some conversion for Chaplain 🙂 But I donno. Playing without Libby? Dont want to skip whole phase for free and Biomancy is such a boos sometimes.


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