No tank is real tank without some dirt and battle damage!

So with this short statement comes my last purchase, a small lot of Humbrol washes, oily stains and dust powders. I was busy last few weeks with painting Blood Angels tanks and Word Bearers tanks commission and had reached the point where oils and weathering powders are a must. Here is my line of little helpers:

weathering powders for modelsI have tried black one for exhaustion gaps for my Imperial Fists rhino and I am happy with the result, it was easy and fast. Using flat and thick dry brush with black powders basically few touches followed by dipping spirit to secure powder in place and then airbrush with matt varnish to secure black dye from going all over the tank with your fingers:

imperial fists rhino

For pre Heresy pattern Word Bearers Vindicator I did some oil stains and black weathering along with Dust Wash, same work as with black powder but far more random:

word bearers pre heresy vindicator

And a little bit of earth dry powder:

word bearers pre heresy vindicator

word bearer pre heresy vindicator

I have fallen in love with tanks recently and must admit the new Space Marines codex is just in time for me 🙂 I have already bought a Deimos Predator from FW last month so gonna do real Imperial Panzer Fist army in the future with possibly 11 tanks 😀


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