I am selling all my 40k stuff slowly and going to build nice 30k Imperial fists army. Lots of nice stuff to go. Whats on the sell list?

Set no. 1

First of all my 5 men squad and Rhino. Can sell together or separately. If together £80, for squad £30 and for Rhino £50.

london model painting warhammer

wpid-20150526_193849.jpg wpid-20150526_194100.jpg Imperial Fists Rhino wpid-20150526_193706.jpg wpid-20150526_193546.jpg wpid-20150104_091354.jpg wpid-20150104_091521.jpg wpid-20141229_155217.jpg

Set no. 2 £25

Trusted and loved Centurions with gravs.wp-1453393071103.jpg

Set no. 3 £15

My Lysander bodyguards, assault terminators with hammers and shields, nice dynamic poses.


Set no. 4 £15

Special tasks terminators force with assault gun and fists. With grey knights terminator shoulder pads.


Set no. 5 £15

Terminators with fists, no gun! Those are not painted by me!wp-1453393233730.jpg

Set no. 6 £25

Plasma cannons suicidals 😀 With Mr. Grimm with combi plasma.


Set no. 7 £15

Missile launchers.wp-1453393326001.jpg

Set no. 8 £15

Heavy bolters.wp-1453393393513.jpg

Set no. 9 £40

Land Raider with Forge World Imperial Fists doors.

wp-1453393433150.jpg wp-1453393448321.jpg

Set no. 10 £10

Dreadnought with lascannon and fist.


Set no. 11 £20


wp-1453393516204.jpg wp-1453393527983.jpg

Set no. 12 £35

Stormraven with lascannons, hurricane bolters and missiles. All cabins glass with set.

wp-1453393552176.jpg wp-1453393569372.jpg

Set no. 13 £30

Thunderfire cannon, nice conversion 😀wp-1453393601555.jpg

All sales via paypal, I have reached my limit on ebay this month. Royal mail 1st class or we can meet at Overlords club some Sunday. £3.50 per postage 🙂 Drop me an email at lordstyrkaar@gmail.com

And what will I spend those money for?

I already got 10 Tactical Marines, 2 Legion Medusas, Predator and 3 rapier guns. Probably gonna expan with Betrayal box and Breachers squad for some extra fluff 🙂


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