Mine first Predator tank is ready and some of you asked me a question about battle damage and weathering.


First of all we need proper base. A solid layer of white spray (GW) and nice layer of yellow. I prefer to use a big short brush and use it as dry brush covering all areas yellow than to use watered down paint. Pros? With dry brushing big flat areas you got no bubbles, no paint thick lines, just plain nice colour 🙂

Imperial Fists Predator

Sprayed white and painted yellow Predator is waiting for the next step.

Model Painter dry brush brushes I use to paint big areas.

Model Painter dry brush brushes I use to paint big areas.


Next step involves a bit of work and time. Before I apply washes I paint whole model with… glossy paint. Why? Because if dry, whole model is smooth and its easier to apply inks/shades/washes, you dont see borderline where wash was or wasnt applied. I use mix of two shades for that job: Serpahim Sepia and Casandora Yellow, half and half. Add one or two drops of water and gently cover places with any recesses, lines, cracks, bolts, nuts etc. After all washes had been applied, I spray model with matt paint using airbrush. Then a bit of brighter yellow drubrush using quite a big brush to give surface a bit of 3D look.


Now is the time to do it. Remember to give a drop of glossy paint where you going to apply decals, that prevents decals from falling off, forming any air bubbles and damages. Remember, put decals when glossy paint is still wet!


We need a piece of sponge, brown/black/any rotten or other rusty colour looking paint. Gently touch all edges with wet sponge and here it goes! I have found that more colours you use for this stage, more natural it looks but be careful, do not overdo it 😉 When those dark spots are dry, get your sponge bob into silver colour and touch those areas you did earlier with dark colours.

Predator tank turret WIP

Predator tank turret WIP


weathering powders for models

Few powders and oils I am using

imperial fists rhino

Imperial Fists Rhino with battle damage, weathering and engine smoke marks.

This effect is quite easy to apply, juts put your short brush into dust container and then drybrush a model where it should be applied. Be careful, those pesky bits of powder flies everywhere, your wife will kill you if you make whole carpet dirty with that haha. Remember to spray model with matt paint after that otherwise smoke marks and dirt will stay on your fingers 😉


20161025_171539.jpg 20161025_171617.jpg 20161025_171757.jpg


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