New Year`s resolutions

I must tell you something. I do not even have one! I mean, I have plans, goals and stuff to paint and assemble but I did not try to put anything heavy on my shoulder this year due to experience ^^ Personally I do not know any single player that did make some resolutions and had them finished 😀 Do you?

calvin-hobbes-new-years-resolutionsSo, I am going to take it easy: paint my whole 30k 3k points army that is prepared for Phall Conflict untill May and finish Mr. Lysander asap.  I am going to finally put all my 40k stuff I do not use on eBay this year and use those money for more 30k stuff ^^

Thats it. Next post gonna be about Phall Conflict and some WIPs with tanks 😀


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