The Hammers of Dorn are a Codex Astartes-compliant Space Marine Chapter raised from the gene-seed of Rogal Dorn as a Successor Chapter of the Imperial Fists during an unknown Founding.

Yes! I am starting next army!

With Phall Conflict slowly going to be finished next month I am looking forward to start a new project. This time without yellow! I did manage to paint whole 3000 points 30k Imperial Fists army in just 3 months and to be honest I can not stand yellow anymore. I did try to reduce amount of yellow as much as I could painting Veterans with black pattern but still, having 9 tanks and 40 infantry did make me cry sometimes!
I was going to stay with 30k army and sell all my 40k stuff but after a very nice game of Apocalypse at our local Overlords club decided that gonna come back with new, unusual and very strange army. Here it is, on paper now (dah, screen), bit customized Hammers of Dorn (how could be anything different! Dorn forevah!).

But there is a catch. This is not ordinary army. I decided to use 2 separate IF Sternhammer Strike Forces, one with Chapter master, second one with Chaplain. I know lots of people hate them due to OP version with grav cannons but army like this have huge draw backs and when you use so many Centurions it must be epic! Second thing is Hammers of Dorn being strict with Codex, nice to know there is “codex” justification for such a strange army đŸ˜‰  Main core of my army will be two squads of bolter Centurions sitting in buildings close to Vindicators. One unit of Assault Centurions will ride in Land Raider with Chaplain and Chapter Master, rest of close combat units will hide somewhere in my deployment zone waiting for the enemy.

Big guys need a big boss. So obvious choice is a Chapter Master with Chaplain riding Land Raider. Fellow Chaplain will make sure faith in one and only Empire hero is strong with re-rolls in combat.

Heavy part is…not that heavy. 3 Centurions with lascannons and 3 with grav-cannons plus Vindicators with extra bonus with siege shields and Linebraker Bombardment. Three of them in line with those shields painted with nice pattern look epic so cant wait when I paint them, apart of serious fire power the looks is the reason enough to have them on the battlefield đŸ˜€ I know its not so serious firepower for 3000pts so hope Ironclad Dreads will do some damage when they land. This army may look heavy, bulky and hard but due to so low numbers of models is quite fragile, though I think it will be massive fun to play with and against it. After all it is 27 Centurions!

Chapter Master Cohort

  • Chapter Master terminator armour, thunder hammer, sield
  • Land Raider Crusader
  • 2×3 Assault Centurions with Vets
  • Ironclad Dreadnought
  • 3 Centurions Devastator Squad with gravs
  • 3 Centurions Devastator Squad with lascannons
  • 3 Vindicators

Chaplain Cohort

  • Chaplain, terminator armour, Crozius, combi-flamer
  • 2×3 Assault Centurions with Vets
  • Ironclad Dreadnought
  • 6 Centurions Devastator Squad with hurricane and heavy bolters
  • 3 Centurions Devastator Squad with hurricane and heavy bolters

TOTAL: 3000pts

That is “formal” part of the army. Now plans. I want this army to be featured in White Dwarf one day, hopefully next year. Every single mini will be converted with some individual addons, painted individually and with high standard. I will spend much more time on this one then on my Imperial Fists army I did for Phall Conflict. Fingers crossed! Next week Centurions are coming so first unit to convert and paint!

ps. Big thanks to Patric Schalk that told me about all twist with Sternhammer Formation, you are the star!


5 thoughts on “Hammers of Dorn

  1. Sorry to post a 2nd follow up message, just wanted to share I concur with not wanting to paint yellow. IF look great but spending so much time looking at yellow will induce anxiety. It’s a strange color, bright and vibrant, but also the color of “Warning!!!!”

    Lead me to prefer Crimson Fists, as I wanted a vanilla sons of Dorn with a major brand; so vanilla not Black Templars (which I still want to sprinkle in as allies), and major brand so I wanted one of the major name Chapters. Very few 2nd founding chapters have the brand recognition the Crimson Fists do.


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