Genesis of the Imperial Fists rituals. Why the fist is black?

Did you ever wonder why the fist is black?

One might be surprised with description down below. The pinnacle of human civilisation, the most trusted soldiers of Emperor practice such barbaric custom? Yes. Imperial Fists burn their clenched fists in fire, scorch them to the black burned piece of meat and then wait for it to regenerate while making an oath of loyalty to the Primarch.  

I was shocked reading this piece of Preatorian of Dorn. Lets face truth: our legion/chapter is considered bit flumsy, good yellow boys of never-ending regret-growing Dorn the failure-to-defend Emperor. And here we got such a brutal, almost slaaneshian piece of pain inflicting ritual. As some smart ass says on 4chan:

Reading between the lines in many of their fluff articles, especially in earlier editions, implies that as part of their genetic degradation (which means they don’t develop the organs they need for spitting acid or entering stasis) they are, to a Marine, masochists. Yep, they’re the only Space Marines chapter that officially has anything implicitly resembling a sexual appetite (Space Wolves anyone?) and it manifests as a love for having the shit beaten out of them. If taken as fact, this helps explain why they are so good at getting shit done; when getting hurt simply turns you on, you don’t back down from anything, and you can keep going long after others would have fainted from the pain, because you just want to hurt more.

So, ladies and gentlemen. Sons of Dorn are tough as stone and we do not need some shitty iron with in or without.


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