Imperial Fists do not stay idle after victory over Iron Warriors! It is time to defeat another enemy of the Emperor. Kill Alpharius!

“Dorn rammed the spear through his brother`s chest. The tip punched through the power plant on the back of Alpharius` armour. Alpharius mouth opened, his eyes wide. A great wash of blood poured from between his teeth. Dorn held him on the spear, the two so close that is seemed almost an embrace.”

After flawless victory over Iron Warriors and humiliating Perturabo in front of the whole Forge World it is time for a challenging battle. We are calling on Imperial Fists players to take part in the very first Imperial Fists Challenge event! “Kill Alpharius” is 20000pts Zone Mortalis game for 10 players per side (1000pts per player)



  • Fun is the only thing that matters. And death of Alpharius, of course. Victory conditions for Imperial Fists: Alpharius must be dead by the end of turn 6. Alpha Legion victory condition: we will think about that in few weeks time.
  • 20000 pts Zone Mortalis game. 10 players per side, 1000pts each with small differences. All armies use Rite of War: Zone Mortalis Assault Force.
  • Only one Dorn, Polux and Sigismund per team. Same with Alpha Legion villains. So please make sure you will agreed in your team who is taking each of them.
  • Players taking named characters are not restricted to any limitations for those heroes as long you will fit them in 1000pts list.
  • All models must be painted.


  • Friday:

The best thing is to arrive Nottingham Friday afternoon around 2-3pm, get stuff to the hotel and have a game around 5pm till 9pm. Then we can go out for couple of beers to the pub.

  • Saturday:

Gaming room opens at 10am so as soon as the doors are open we go in, deploy and start playing. Please be aware that there will be no lunch break, players are advised to go one by one and have a sandwich/ogreburger during the time they do not have to do anything with their models. Otherwise we will not be able to finish the game in time.

If you are interested in the event please register here:

Please be sure that your commitment to show up at the date of the game is serious. We have limited space and every immature behaviour will be named and shamed across the universe.



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