“Archamus knew each of them, recognised them even through the layers of
Indomitus-pattern plate and the blur of his failing sight. They were his brothers, The Huscarls of whom he was master.”

Yes brothers! Huscarls of Dorn were clad in early version of Horus Heresy era Indomitus-pattern terminator armour! This might be a quite surprise for many of us but hey, it is all there, written by John French in 400 pages HH novel “Praetorian of Dorn“.

Some of you may still argue: but we have Cataphractii terminator on the cover! Yes, we do. We have right fist handed Polux on a cover of Pharos and lots of unidentified armour on Astartes legionaries on other book covers. This is not the first time artists made up stuff like this and canon is made according what is written rather what is painted on covers.

I like the idea because this was the newest type of armour and it would be obvious for Dorn to test it then. All new and shiny toys goes for the best legion 😉 Ok, we all know now Indomitus is not that good but…he did not by then and only after 10000 years it is obvious 😉

So, I am going to do Huscarls of Dorn for Kill Alpharius event using Indomitus armour. I will change two things: remove Crux Terminatus (it was introduced to Terminator Sergeants after Emperor`s death) and change shields for Forge World Imperial Fists Shields:

And do some Zone Mortalis bases, thats already done. In the book, Huscarls had mix of weapons: lightning claws, hammers, power fists and plenty of Volkite Chargers. I will equip my unit with plasma blaster for now, next 5 of them gonna have some chainfists and Volkites 🙂


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