A Brotherhood United

In the millennia since the Horus Heresy, dozens of Space Marine Chapters have been founded from the gene-seed of the imperial Fists, perhaps more than from any other Legion other than Ultramarines. Many of these Successor Chapters Рthe Crimson Fists, the Black Templars, the Executioners, the Hammers of Dorn and the Iron Knights foremost amongst them Рhave long and illustrious histories that are steeped in nearly as much glory and honour as the Imperial Fists themselves. Even those successors who were founded relatively recently Рsuch as the Iron Fists, the Invaders and the Hammers of Dorn Р have already amasses a wealth of battle-honours to rival those of the most ancient Chapters, proudly upholding the legacy of their revered Primarch. Together the manifold ranks of the sons of Rogal Dorn have been instrumental in holding together the Imperium through the very bleakest of times. Continue reading


Mahsson Trojan interrogation at Phalanx

– So, tell us again the genesis of this idea of yours. How did you manage to utilitize this uncommon pattern?

– It was the siege of small industrial town called Bythom that was the changing point of the way we had to deal with enemies during that conflict.

– I thought we have apropriate tools to wage war against our enemies. You were supplied with the best of the best of your chapter armoury. Why the need to waste time and resources then?

– Yes, sir we were. As extraordinary our equipment and company is but what was suppose to be a small reckon mission suddenly escalated to slow and painful progress towards the target two hundred kilometers ahead. [XXXXXXXXXXXX] With only fourty men as infantry force, five Land Seeders, two Land Raiders and Thunderhawk as mobile command point every efford had to be made not to loose any more brothers, any more vehicles. [XXXXXXXXXXXXXX] It was Bythom where we have lost seventeen brothers. 

– I got the report in front of me.

– It WAS suppose to be a standard capture point mission with securing flanks, scouting approach area, fast and razor sharp attack through samall and narrow canion road leading to the main city gate with brutal force of Two Land Raiders with infantry assault force focused on two defending bunkers. Full frontal attack with two flanking speeders on each side as a deception. Estimated time of mission not longer than five minutes. We have been there for 3 hours…

– Tell us again what happened?

– 2.37am with night dark as the planet main resource two left wing speeders charged through three kilometers distance ahead peppering bunkers with assault cannons and blazing flares. 30 seconds later right wing speeder team had opened fire with same weapons blinding and putting right bunker defenders into total suprice. 2.38am Land Raiders started engines with full throttle rushed towards city gate with 20 men inside. Only two kilometers from the target, three minutes from blasting the gate and delivering 20 men to take control of outer wall defences. It never happened. [XXXXXXXXXXXXX]

– Why?

– Mines. Melta mines. I havent seen mines being used on citizen roads before, pre attack scans didnt show anything active below the tarmac surface. Except it was there, waiting for us.

– Yes, it was.

*[XXXXXXX] parts excluded from the archive

To be continued…