Commission painting


I have decided to start commission painting again after some long break. So if you are based in London and need some very good price for bulk order just get in touch here !

I will run good prices for the whole of February! There is a special bit for social ninja guys as well: every person that will direct a new customer to me will get 20% commission of the final pay value. If you are miniature painter and struggle with orders, give me a shout, I will happily help!

For London orders inside M25 I can pick up and deliver back in person. Orders from outside London will be sorted with couriers.

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Archamus, Praetorian of Dorn, Master of Huscarls

Archamus, “The Last of the First”

Archamus could feel himself calling out orders, slicing the crisis up into portions, ringing each with the logic and experience of sixteen decades, reducing disaster to grains of action.

Archamus Master of Huscarls

Archamus Master of Huscarls

That is my version for Master of Huscarls for Kill Alpharius event coming up December and a bit of special rules for him as well, using base profile of Praetor: Continue reading

Huscarls of Dorn

“Archamus knew each of them, recognised them even through the layers of
Indomitus-pattern plate and the blur of his failing sight. They were his brothers, The Huscarls of whom he was master.”

Yes brothers! Huscarls of Dorn were clad in early version of Horus Heresy era Indomitus-pattern terminator armour! This might be a quite surprise for many of us but hey, it is all there, written by John French in 400 pages HH novel “Praetorian of Dorn“.

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Might of The Legion.

Phall Conflict reaches new level as more and more armies are joining in. I will start a blog series about our progress first to show the might of Imperial Fists at Phall System as more and more armies is arriving to fortify planets and second to keep Dorn`s eye on commanders progress with painting!

Here are just first half of our force:

Paul`s Armoured Spearhead:

Imperial Fists Armoured Spearhead

Imperial Fists Armoured Spearhead



Damien`s Imperial Fists



Imperial Fists


Imperial Fists Gauntlet of Stone

Imperial Fists Gauntlet of Stone

and mine:

Imperial Fists Pride of the Legion

Imperial Fists Pride of the Legion

New Year`s resolutions

I must tell you something. I do not even have one! I mean, I have plans, goals and stuff to paint and assemble but I did not try to put anything heavy on my shoulder this year due to experience ^^ Personally I do not know any single player that did make some resolutions and had them finished 😀 Do you?

calvin-hobbes-new-years-resolutionsSo, I am going to take it easy: paint my whole 30k 3k points army that is prepared for Phall Conflict untill May and finish Mr. Lysander asap.  I am going to finally put all my 40k stuff I do not use on eBay this year and use those money for more 30k stuff ^^

Thats it. Next post gonna be about Phall Conflict and some WIPs with tanks 😀

How to do weathering and battle damage on tanks?

Mine first Predator tank is ready and some of you asked me a question about battle damage and weathering.


First of all we need proper base. A solid layer of white spray (GW) and nice layer of yellow. I prefer to use a big short brush and use it as dry brush covering all areas yellow than to use watered down paint. Pros? With dry brushing big flat areas you got no bubbles, no paint thick lines, just plain nice colour 🙂

Imperial Fists Predator

Sprayed white and painted yellow Predator is waiting for the next step.

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Weathering powders for tanks

No tank is real tank without some dirt and battle damage!

So with this short statement comes my last purchase, a small lot of Humbrol washes, oily stains and dust powders. I was busy last few weeks with painting Blood Angels tanks and Word Bearers tanks commission and had reached the point where oils and weathering powders are a must. Here is my line of little helpers: Continue reading