Imerial Fists Land Raider Redeemer

Land Raider Redeemer WIP

Oh dear, I wish I could be so fast with my own minis!

Starting my Land Raider Redeemer for my small elite force of Imperial Fists for 40k. This behemoth got to be top notch and standing out so probably will have loads of different layers of yellow colour, even more layers of battle damage and weathering including mud, dust, bloody gore and some personalized war trophy marks by the doors. I am not a fan of enormous and elaborate freehands that pretend to be some kind of artisan painting. No place for such infantilism in 40k universe!

Imerial Fists Land Raider Redeemer






Challenge me traitor!

To all Iron Warriors traitorous commanders: you are not worthy of having your minis painted! You are a scum of the galaxy and should have been deprived the right of having a single layer of paint on your miniatures! Challenge me in this single painting combat!

Imperial Fists Siege Breaker

Gastos Rhor, The Siege Breaker of Phall III

I bet you can`t even paint a single HQ choice till the end of December! My Imperial Fists siege Breaker is awaiting! Show me  your plastic or resin visage and lets see if you can finish painting your commander till the end of 2016. I want to see who will Gastos Rhor face on the battlefield of Phall III.

Head art:

Imperial Fists 3 Musketeers: Lamander, Otranta and Arin

The most busy week in long time!

I was preparing myself for Phall Conflict this last week and managed to finish 2 more tanks for my Imperial Fists Horus Heresy army list. The first one here is Medusa tank named “Arin”. Terrible model to assembly as Forge World resin is very tricky sometimes. I was planning to leave opened hatch from the back and paint interior but after few hours of running from my desk to kitchen sink and getting parts under hot water and burning my fingers (almost) I said ENOUGH for fuck sake 😀 So the tank is closed as it is. I am planning to have three Medusas in my 3k pts army lists to not all chances for open interior are lost 😉 Continue reading

How to do weathering and battle damage on tanks?

Mine first Predator tank is ready and some of you asked me a question about battle damage and weathering.


First of all we need proper base. A solid layer of white spray (GW) and nice layer of yellow. I prefer to use a big short brush and use it as dry brush covering all areas yellow than to use watered down paint. Pros? With dry brushing big flat areas you got no bubbles, no paint thick lines, just plain nice colour 🙂

Imperial Fists Predator

Sprayed white and painted yellow Predator is waiting for the next step.

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Painting Imperial Fists vol.1: Yellow armour

So it goes on.


It is 4 weeks now since I`ve decided to go for Imperial Fists and leave Noise Marines deep in my warhammer hobby box. So far so good: no random eBay purchases, no wild out-of-plan minis bought in the store, keeping my plan and not buying any single thing until everything be painted- works, still at least 😉 Continue reading