Imperial Fists vs Iron Warriors at Warhammer World


Are you 30k Imperial Fists player? This post is for you!


Calling all Sons of Dorn!

Epic clash between eternal rivals coming to an epic climax April 2017 at Warhammer World!

Imperial Fists vs Iron Warriors

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Cuddle mine inner child

Oh yes, please! I felt like a child again today. After visit at GW store I came back home with this little precious things:

Space MArines new armyHaving a nasty flu I have to stay in bed all evening but this is actually a good excuse to go through the Space Marines Codex. Tomorrow I will start assembling Sternguards as ordinary Space Marines. This will be 5 men squad with plasma gun and Sergeant Gastos Rhor carrying storm bolter, melta bombs and close combat weapon. Why Sternguards box if I am going to do a tactical squad? I love those  minis and this squad will be assigned to Land Raider Redeemer in the future. And c`mon, the very first Imperial Fists unit in my new army has to be the most awesome one 😉