Hammers of Dorn

Chapter Master:

Gastos Rhor

Praetorian of Dorn, Veteran of Terra, Son of Silesia

Some say he is immortal, some say he can sense the momentum of danger and  step aside playing with fortune.

Gastos Rhor started his Adeptus Astartes path as one of the very first 20 Inwit sons chosen personally by Imperial Fists Primarch. Member of Praetorians of Dorn, fought by Alexi Polux side during The Great Crusade. After The Retribution Fleet accident, promoted to Siege Master of 508th Company and directly responsible for fortifying Phall System planets during Iron Warriors attack. Veteran of Rejected Son operation targeted at Word Bearers scattered in Oedipus Sector. Seriously wounded by Horus himself in The Siege of Terra, rescued from the field of battle by Techmarine Mahhson Trojan. Spent millennia in hibernation going through psycho celebral cortex reconstruction procedures. After awakening took part at cleansing of Rynn`s World as 1st Imperial Fists Company captain. Exceptional achievements on the filed of battle led to one and only possible path: Chapter Master of newly appointed IF successors: Hammers of Dorn.

Battle cry:

“He is the anvil! We are the hammer!”